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«PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER » is a community of the popular instant messenger «Telegram» and the cryptocurrency «Bitcoin».


Each TelegramBots user can become financially independent, if he joins in with the community «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER ». There are millions of users TelegramBots and we can build an inexhaustible source of income, the income that will allow each fan to become the master of his life. All we want to enjoy our life and to be financially independent in this beautiful world for us. We must join in with one common community to be financially independent.


How can we join ?


Statistics show that users all over the world know the basic information about the messenger «Telegram» and crypto currency «Bitcoin». That is why we can easily explain and find each other in social networks and offer to join the community of «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER ».


The main thing in the community «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER »:


You need only to find two friends or a TelegramBots user and connect them to the system as a Partner. Because participation in the community is possible only by invitation.



«Your costs in community «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER » will not exceed 1 USD»




1) Entrance fees: 1 USD (this money is for everyone and pays off with the arrival of the first partner).
2) There is no monthly subscription.
3) Repeated matrix with level 8.
4) The market of the messenger "Telegram" in the field of "Bitcoin" is not occupied by anyone! (There is no competition)
5) Administrator and creator of the website Joseph Annan ( )


The purpose of the community «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER »:


To understand the goal, scroll to the bottom of the website and take a look at the table of income. Here you can check how much money in US dollars you can earn on a regular basis.

Having only a strong desire and the right balance, you can earn over a million dollars. This is the whole purpose and essence of the «PURALOKAK TELEGRAMER » community to unite as a user of TelegramBots and to earn more and more money in order to become financially independent in consequence.



«The table of income»



Level Price Referrals Earnings
1. 1 USD 2 - User. 2 USD
2. 2 USD 4 - User. 8 USD
3. 4 USD 8 - User. 32 USD
4. 16 USD 16 - User. 256 USD
5. 128 USD 2 - User. 256 USD
6. 128 USD 4 - User. 512 USD
7. 256 USD 8 - User. 2048 USD
8. 1056 USD 16 - User. 16896 USD
Total your Earnings: 20010 USD  



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